A registered member of the National Federation of Master Window and General Cleaners.

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and welcome to the home page of B.C.S. Cleaning Specialists.

This company was founded in 1977 by Terry Burrows to provide a sub-contract window, floor and general cleaning service. B.C.S. has been very successful in carrying out work under contract to many large companies.

We provide an excellent and reliable service to very high standards. Our customers are not tied to a long term contract. We discuss and agree upon start dates etc. and we do request written confirmation.

B.C.S. is run by Terry Burrows, seven times world record holder for the "Fastest Window Cleaner in the World". But much time is taken on commercial contracts ensuring a high standard of work and complete customer satisfaction.

Services available include:

Window Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Computer Cleaning

Floor Maintenance


Use the contact page to get in touch with B.C.S.


Home Page | B.C.S. | About Terry | Contact | Links