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The World's Fastest Window Cleaner! As seen on TV and featured in the Guinness Book of Records.

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"When I'm Cleaning Windows"
Lyrics re-arranged by Terry Burrows/John McLean The Squeegees
6th December 2002
Terry hosting a live show
Terry Burrows

Verse 1

I go window cleaning,
to earn an honest bob,
now 'cos of old Ken Livingstone
I could lose me job.

Now old Ken made me flip me lid,
When he said I'd be charged five quid,
Didn't even get the chance to bid
Just to enter London.

Middle 8

Now I've been shining many years through the sunshine and the rain
Just to climb me ladder, then get knocked back down again.
So come on Kenny have a heart or it will tear my world apart!
If I have to buy an 'orse n cart,
To come and clean your windows.

Verse 2

You've just had your offices built on the old South Bank!
At the moment they are shiny,
And they are looking rather swank.

But that won't last now you have past the five-pound charge that's very ghastly,
You have got to sort it out!
So you can have clean windows.

So come on Kenny show you care,
We voted you for London Mayor,
Have a word with Tony Blair,
So you both can have clean windows.

THE CLEANING INDUSTRY TO REBEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Visit the Sod-u-Ken London congestion charges web site!


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