Terry Burrows

The World's Fastest Window Cleaner! As seen on TV and featured in the Guinness Book of Records.

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Picture of Terry Burrows
Read about Terry Burrows, the world's fastest window cleaner and Guinness World Record Holder.

Terry Burrows first appeared on television back in 1993. The programme, on London Weekend Television, was called "You Bet". With presenter Mathew Kelly and friend John McLean it just started as a bit of a laugh. But, as Terry's feet first walked on the TV set, he knew that this was the start of something much bigger. This was the opportunity for Terry to realise his dream: to become the fastest and most famous window cleaner in the world!

By late 1993 Terry and John were appearing on TV every day, popping up between programmes and commercial breaks washing the inside of everybody's TV screens! This was shown, on Carlton TV, for 18 months and made them easily recognised characters in their distinctive white T-shirts and blue dungarees.

Terry then made contact with the BBC "Record Breakers" programme. This was to be a turning point in Terry's media career. After this television appearance, Terry went on to take no less than 7 world records to become the fastest window cleaner in the world. Terry has twice competed in America as well as traveling to France and many other destinations carrying the flag as the Great British window cleaner in world window cleaning events.

Terry's other talents include presenting and hosting and he has been on a TV presenting course. Terry has appeared on countless programmes both at home and world-wide. Terry always presents the window cleaning competition at the annual conference of his trade association, The National Federation of Master Window and General Cleaners as well as a major cleaning industry exhibition at the N.E.C. in Birmingham.

See a short movie of Terry in action at Excel 2004 (requires Flash plug-in).

The world record, held by Terry Burrows of course, is currently 9.24, this was set at the NEC in March 05 . You might think that is pretty fast for cleaning a window that measures 45 inches square including wiping the window sill. But, what makes Terry's record incredible is that the strict competition rules state that he must clean three windows, each measuring 45 inches square, and wipe the sill! There are time penalties deducted for any water marks left on the glass and the competitor is limited to a maximum squeegee size of 12 inches. Unlike some other world record attempts, we say "do try this at home". Then you will realise how difficult a challenge this is.

Terry on Blue Peter
Terry Burrows recently appeared on Blue Peter (Click on the image for a bigger picture).

Terry is also a black belt in karate (Koodokan) and his teacher is a black belt 6th dan. He claims that the karate has made him faster and more determined with his window cleaning competitions and record attempts. Other hobbies include scuba diving (since 15 years of age), fishing, snooker (highest break 85 so far) and playing guitar. And, yes, he even performs "When I'm Cleaning Windows"!

Terry's ambitions are to become a TV presenter and to break his own world record again, taking it down to a time that is so low it will stay with him for the rest of his life.

"Thank you for visiting my web site. I hope that you have enjoyed reading about how window cleaning has changed my life".
Terry's signature
Terry Burrows.

Known as the Linford Christie of window cleaning (without the lunch box)! Also known as the fastest man with a twelve inch rubber.

Terry rewrote the words of an old song to draw attention to the London congestion charges. Click here

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